AgroBioChem, s.r.o. is concerned with the use of its own scientific observations, creating original (patented) and competitive solutions for research and the development of new technologies and substances which are applicable in the regulation of plant growth and development. The main function is development and testing of new targeted growth regulators that influence crop yield and protection, combined with further studies regarding their molecular mode of action. The company is also focused on the potential introduction of transgenic crops with enhanced yield and (a)biotic stress tolerance in Czech and European agriculture. Due to the close collaboration with scientific institutions, AgroBioChem, s.r.o. can effectively transfer the results of basic research into applications.

In this field we offer:

  • development of new growth regulators (chemical design of the substance, laboratory synthesis, transfer of the technology into big-scale production)
  • biological testing of active substances and studies of their molecular mechanisms of action
  • testing of biological activity in field conditions
  • specialized measurements (residual amounts, phytohormone levels, gene expression)
  • solving problems of growing special plants used for the production of biologically active substances
  • consulting

AgroBioChem s.r.o.
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